Interact with Gianni Russo & The Hollywood Godfather Crew

Book a Personalized Video Greeting from Gianni Russo

  • Book a personalized video greeting from Gianni for anyone of your choosing: Perfect for birthdays, holidays, thank-you’s, and more! You can even request him to sing a song if you would like! – 4-day maximum response time – $200

Zoom with Gianni Russo, Patrick Picciarelli, or the whole Hollywood Godfather Podcast Crew 

  • Zoom video chat with Gianni: Have your own personal conversation with him, ask him about your Italian relatives, have him virtually join your dinner party, whatever you want! – 30 mins – $500
  • Zoom video chat with Patrick: Get insider access into the tools to break into writing, ask him for advice, and anything else you want to know! – 1 hour – $250
  • Zoom video chat with the whole crew of the Podcast: Gianni, Patrick, & Megan! – 30 mins – $750

Book a Formal Interview with Gianni Russo

  • Want to interview Gianni to be featured on your Podcast or YouTube show? Book an hour-long formal interview with Gianni with his permission to post it – Purchaser will be made a Host of the meeting and will be responsible for video and audio recording – $1,000


IMPORTANT NOTE: Same name and email address must be used across all purchases in order to be properly considered for special “Status.”